The Only Way – Courage

C’mon let us go! This is the only way.. I am telling you Naina.

No Rakesh, there must be another way…there always is.

You are just afraid! Remember that success comes only to those who face your fears.

Is that what you think this is? Eloping is not facing your fear, it is running away from it Rakesh. Please try to understand me.

Naina, so are you calling this relationship off? Is that what you want?

No Rakesh, let us stay. Stay and fight, truly face our fears. Being courageous is a choice. Let us make the right choice today.


Today’s prompt is a quote from Brené Brown: You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.

I always believe that no matter what the situation is, we always have a choice. This post is about making a choice and choosing courage.

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8 thoughts on “The Only Way – Courage”

  1. It scares me that even in 2017, we still live in a world where this is still a reality and young people in love have to consider giving up everyone in their lives just to be together. It is one thing if it is some criminally forbidden love but as we know, it is almost always just the crime of ‘being in love’, often with add-ons like a different caste, religion or heaven forbid – a mismatched horoscope.

  2. Courage is indeed a choice but making that choice is the most difficult. Hope Rakesh understood Naina and they decided to stay together and fight the fears! A nice take on the prompt.

  3. Ah! It feels great to read about many such women who make their choice courageously and stick to it no matter what! Kudos to Naina for doing that and I really hope Rakesh understood her stand and choice!


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