Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 3) – Review

Meet The Book – Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 3)

It is summertime in Beresford. Ronaldo and Rudi are beside themselves with excitement: Monty the Moose, the most incredible Magician in the whole world is performing at Rudi’s birthday party!

But before the festivities begin, there’s the important matter of The Reindeer Flyover, an ancient tradition of The Reindeer Flying Academy that marks the end of school term. But Rudi might not be able to fly. He has injured his hoof and refuses to see Doctor Kloppen. Rudi is terrified of needles and, rumour has it, the Doctor’s needle is the size of a rocket!

Meanwhile, Ronaldo meets celebrity baker Mrs. Sorensson and offers to deliver her cakes to ‘Carrot’s ‘N’ Cakes’ bakery before flying school. The weather is hot so Ronaldo rushes through the forest so he can deliver the cakes before the icing melts. But trouble is lurking in the woods. Dasher and his menacing brothers, Comet and Prancer, are hiding in the bushes. Waiting for Ronaldo!

Ronaldo:Rudi's Birthday Extravaganza


Maxine is one of the best authors in my 2017 Finds list. Her stories though aimed at a much younger audience, are a perfect fit for the adults who are still in touch with their younger self. Her books can be enjoyed by anyone who has a love for stories that are sweet and heart-warming. Her latest book, Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza celebrates the friendship between Ronaldo and Rudi.

Through literature for children, she manages to talk to us about the virtues one must uphold in life – honesty, integrity and a passion to chase one’s dreams. Characters from previous books do make an appearance in the third book of the Ronaldo series, however, this can very well be savored as a stand-alone story. With bite-sized chapters, the book is an easy read that would be greedily lapped up by the children and adults alike.
The illustrations of the book deserve a special mention, they are done by the author herself and help tell the story better. These images would also help the children visualize the story better and thereby increase the enjoyment level.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who can read.


The book is available on Amazon as well as Kindle Unlimited.

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