The Mahabharata code by Karthik K B Rao – Book Review

Book Review: The Mahabharata code by Karthik K B Rao




“The Mahabharata Code is a personal account of the main protagonist Narayan Rao (NR), who claims to be an astronomer with NASA. NR and a few other crew members agree to take part in the NASA mission to visit this mystery planet from which they had received mysterious signals. Here, they meet a man with a long flowing white beard, and he introduces himself as Vyasa. He reveals that he has a crazy plan in mind and seeks NR and his members’ help in implementing this plan. He intends to recreate the entire Mahabharata on this planet to restore the faith of the primitive simpletons here. 
As the Mahabharata incidents start unfolding, NR realizes that Vyasa intends to recreate them page by page here, if not paragraph by paragraph. Also NR begins to realize that his son, Krishna, who is being groomed by Vyasa as Vishnu’s avatar, is nothing more than a pawn in Vyasa’s scheme of things. Other incidents of Mahabharata also unfold according to the original epic. Pandavas and Kauravas grow up hating each other and finally the restaging plan culminates with both the warring sets of cousins facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 
Inexplicably, like the original epic, Arjuna develops cold feet seeing his own cousins, teachers and relatives on the opposite side. He seeks Krishna’s divine intervention. Is the brainwashed “alien” Krishna prepared for this intervention?”

Review of The Mahabharata Code

This is the best time to be a fan of reading Mythology. Every other month, there is a new book adorning the bookshelves under the Mythology category.
The Mahabharata Code comes as a whiff of fresh air, in the sense that unlike the other books of this category, it is a fresh new take on the Mahabharata.

Narayan Rao, a NASA astronomer is an intellectual, in addition to being drawn to mythology and religious aspects of life. He journeys to a mysterious planet Prithvi Lok where he encounters strange happenings, leaving him unsure how to react.
NR is welcomed by Vyasa, and the retelling, rather restaging of the epic story begins. Modern technology is interwoven so seamlessly in this ancient story, the reader of today finds they answer his rational questions on the events that took place in the ancient Mahabharata.
Philosophy meets science, and an intriguing book is born.
The author successfully draws similarities between myths, beliefs and the technological and scientific knowledge.
Do not, I repeat, do not pick up this book if you are looking for a book to breeze through while you surf channels on TV or with the radio buzzing in the background. This book opens itself to you, draws you right in, confuses you and makes you scratch your head for want of more clarity in the words you just read.
Slowly, as you move on, The Mahabharata Code really opens itself for you. There is clarity and all that you read till now begins to make sense as you finally can visualize the big picture in your mind.

Maybe because the subject is quite vast, the number of sub-plots might overwhelm the reader. The characters are well developed and the language is simple and easily readable.


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