His Christmas Surprise by Summerita Rhayne – Review

His Christmas Surprise by Summerita Rhayne is an enjoyable and engaging read, a story you would want to finish in one sitting. Because it is not a laborious read, it is only a matter of a few hours to savour the entire story.

This is the second book in a series and not having read the first book does not in any way affect the reading experience of someone who picks up this book, His Christmas Surprise. The story revolves around Dan, a recent widower who is having trouble at home with his kids after the death of his wife. It is then that the universe brings Tonya, a single mother into Dan’s life. She works from Dan’s house for want of a better space to set up her bakery business.

His Christmas Surprise - Ishithaa Reviews
His Christmas Surprise – Ishithaa Reviews

Their relationship soon wavers from all tracks of professionalism and yet, their previous experiences hold them back. Their struggle to keep the relationship purely official where there is undeniable attraction forms the major part of the rest of the story.

I am a fan of romantic books and this book does justice to all the romance lovers out there. It is a light read and decently paced. The characters are well developed and their inner turmoils were brought out really well by the author Summerita Rhayne. I am planning to read the other books in the series; why don’t you check it out too?


PS: I received the book from the author for a review. All the views expressed here are mine and are unbiased. 

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