Featured In My Playlist 2017

There are some songs that stay with you long after you’ve heard them. They may not make much sense, but still mean something to us. So much that we keep hearing those songs on loop and do not get bored of it.

The three songs listed below are some of my favourites from this year.

Do you like these songs? What is your favourite song from this year?


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4 thoughts on “Featured In My Playlist 2017”

  1. My daughter keeps dancing on the ‘Tamma Tamma’ song all the time. I saw it for the first time here. My favourite for this year is from a friend’s Album. The song is ‘ ‘Kuch Baatein yuhi’ & the album is ‘Lafz Unkahe’ by Ajay Singha ‘Miko’. The song is sung by ‘Anvessha’You can find the song on You-tube or Wynk music.
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  2. I like the songs Baarish and enna sona from your list Bhavya. They are in my playlist as well.
    But my favorite song of this year is “Madhurame” song from Arjun Reddy movie. It is a telugu song. The music and lyrics are captivating <3


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