Ronaldo : The Reindeer Flying Academy by Maxine Sylvester – Review

Ronaldo : The Reindeer Flying Academy
Ronaldo : The Reindeer Flying Academy

It is said that even when you are at your lowest, if you spend some time with children, they lift up your spirits.
Similarly, there is some magic in books which are written with young readers in mind. They welcome you with open arms, irrespective of your age, if you walk in with an open mind.
The stories may be childish and magical, but they do hold lessons for all of us.

I recently had the chance to read the book Ronaldo : The Reindeer Flying Academy authored by Maxine Sylvester.
Maxine was born in Hounslow, Middlesex in the south of England. As a child, she loved drawing and took private art classes. She is the writer as well as the illustrator for the book Ronaldo – The Reindeer Flying Academy

Book Blurb :

Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at the prestigious Reindeer Flying Academy. He dreams of getting his flying license, just like his hero, Vixen.
In this first exciting chapter in the ‘Ronaldo’ series, our hero is faced with his toughest flying test ever – The Endurance Challenge!
Can Ronaldo triumph over mean bully, Dasher, and win the ‘Golden Wings’ medal? Spurred on by Rudi, his quirky, loyal best friend and with a belly full of his favourite carrot pancakes, Ronaldo takes on the challenge of his life!

Book Review :

The story is divided into short chapters. Each chapter has the story told in small paragraphs with small and easy to understand words.
The character names are fun and easy to remember. The book as a whole would not take more than a couple of hours for adults to finish, however the children are sure to enjoy the story if read out loud.
The illustrations, generously added in the book are a treat to the eye and helps in better understanding of the story.
The idea of reindeers and a flying academy for them tickles the imagination and the story helps visualize the scenes better.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone who can read, irrespective of their age.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback as well as Kindle formats. It is available on Kindle Unlimited also, if you are subscribed to KU. Happy Reading!


Disclaimer : I was given a copy of the book for review by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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