Just As He Was Closing The Gate

Just as he was closing the gate, Nayan heard a thud.

The nest had fallen on the road, the same one they spent hours fixing, the previous night.

Indu found comfort in fixing the homes of others, now that their own son was lost in the hands of time and would never return.

He was still removing all evidence of a mishap when his wife stepped out asking “Have the birds settled in?” to which he quickly answered, “maybe they’ve gone out for food”

Nayan’s eye moistened as he let out a silent sigh wondering how many more nests and kennels he’d have to fix before they could fix their own home.


This is a five sentence fiction based on the Saturday Prompt in the WriteTribe WhatsApp group. 

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Author: Bhavya

Writing to me is therapy, it frightens and comforts at the same time. Liberates like nothing else. A book in my own name is a dream, but a bigger dream would be to write something that haunts the reader even after the last page is turned and the book is shut. I enjoy reading and music, spending time with family whilst battling my social awkwardness.

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