Woes of the Washing Machine

We never think about the appliances we have around us don’t we? have you ever bothered to listen to them? Oh well, they do speak! take my word for it.

I overheard the below conversation when I was in the reading room, minding my own business. Until that day, I was not aware of the woes of the washing machine. 

washing machine
Woes of the washing machine

The electricity was a little erratic because of the monsoons. It would come and go as it fancied. The electrical appliances were all grumbling because they could not do their assigned tasks to perfection.

That is when the washing machine said it wanted to be a mobile phone.

Fridge, Television and Microwave gasped collectively while the mobile phone on the table vibrated out of curiosity.

“Why do you want to be me?” curious, the mobile phone asked.

“Because you don’t need electricity to function, unlike us. Because I don’t like dirty clothes being stuffed into me” cried the washing machine.


Now do you trust me when I say that they talk? Well, I should thank DailyPrompt for the idea!

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