The 23rd Girl Book Review

This is The 23rd Girl Book Review

The 23rd Girl Book Review
The 23rd Girl Book Review


23 is a number I like. Not obsessed, but more or less a number that I like because 23 also happens to be my date of birth. So when WriteTrbe was offering a chance to review The 23rd Girl, I decided to grab the chance.

The book deals with the journey of a boy Rashv from his student days to the time when he gets a job and is ready to settle down in life.
Rashv chances upon the magic of the number accidentally. Once he knows what a grip 23 holds on his life, Rashv begins to calculate and manipulate incidents to coincide with 23 in some way or the other – either 23rd day of the month, 23 pages of the books he reads – but we see his obsession with 23 when he decides that the 23rd girl to walk into his life would be his soulmate.
He crash dates and breaks up with women over the years. But then walks in Roohi. Fierce, independent and unlike any of the other girls he has met so far. Rashv falls for Roohi, but she is not the 23rd girl to walk into his life.
What happens when a girl Rash finally likes does not fit into his number theory? How does the number 23 continue to influence him and his decisions? To know the answers to these questions, read The 23rd Girl.

The book is a quick read and can be done with in a couple of hours. It is fast paced and written in an easy language that does not pose any difficulty to the reader. Do read it if you are looking for a quick read during the weekend or to engage yourself during your daily commute.


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