Quitting, Too Tempting? #FridayRelections

Have you ever felt like quitting? Giving up something even when you have no reason to?

I have always struggled with this. Going on long streaks without doing anything I love – reading, writing or even socializing. I call them breaks but I know they are not breaks of any kind. Treading through rough patches makes me want to quit everything pulls me into a cocoon of sorts. It feels safe, but also scary. How can something feel safe and scary at the same time? No clue. Reaching out to people becomes difficult yet you crave for a human touch – a hug, a kind word or even 5 minutes of silence with a dear friend who can understand your silence. Quitting just seems like the easier option.

There is something known as a Comfortable Silence, you know right? Then again there are people who will come right in, find you no matter under which stone in the sea you are hiding and make funny noises till you are yourself again. Those people know you better than yourself and help you come out of the self-enforced jail, pull you right back from the borderline of quitting. I’m lucky and blessed to have some people like that in life. All of them, I met through my blog and my blessing of being able to write.

Those people are the very reason I have not deleted my blog. Just last week, I had almost made the decision to quit blogging. The faces of those people stopped me from doing it. I may not be writing every day or even one post every week, but this is the one place I can call my own and I won’t quit. My story is not over yet.

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7 thoughts on “Quitting, Too Tempting? #FridayRelections”

  1. There is a season for everything I think. You don’t have to say never again. Leave it for now and come back to it if you want. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep everything up. I started a new website and wanted to stop blogging too but then I felt a bit naked without my little blog. Linking up cause of #fridayreflections

  2. I am an introvert, and quite comfortable with the concept of “Comfortable Silence”. The problem is, many people are put on edge by it. We introverts find ourselves in a world that we run counter to. I implore you not to quit.

  3. I can hear you Ishithaa. Been there and I know it is far more difficult than what you just wrote when you are actually going through it. There’s one thing I tell myself whenever I am in doubt…let me sleep over this and come back to it another day. I was so certain I’d quit but eventually surprised myself by coming back to the blog with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. So, hang on in there…It’s when things seem worse that you mustn’t quit!

  4. Those are my favourite kind of people – the kinds that don’t leave you alone to sort your issues and pester you till you share your problems and then make sure you do not give up. You are fortunate Bhavya for having friends like them. Happy for you and glad that you came back to this space here.

  5. Glad that you came back to writing. Don’t give up. I have my blog space provide me a lot of comfort. And doesn’t it feel great when someone reaches out to you out of blue? 🙂 I love friends like that.

  6. I hear you about the blogging community…some people become your tribe and even better friends than those offline. Understandably, there are times you may want to quit but hopefully, you keep remembering this wonderful tribe you have 🙂 Thanks for linking up and for not quitting just yet 🙂

  7. Sometimes quitting and starting over is a great strategy, but only when we’ve exhausted all other options. I’m glad you decided to stick to your blogging, you’re so good at it!


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