Online Quizzes, Why So Addictive?

There are a lot of fun online quizzes that are a big hit on social media of late. They are addictive and take you on an unending journey from one topic to another.  You get to know your best friends, the people who want to stab you from behind, your name if you were born in the Harry Potter world, how your life partner would be and so on and so forth. All the questions of these online quizzes are generally classifiable into two – either you know the answer already or nobody knows the answer because such things do not exist, because they are fictional. What makes people take these quizzes, have you ever wondered?

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Imagine a scenario where Person A takes a test, tags 3 of his friends to take the test and thus grows the circle of reach of just one post. I have not really thought about why these tests trap me again and again, but trap they do. Most of the times we fall prey to interesting answers our friends get.

What happens when we take these online quizzes? In the mad rush to know the prediction of these apps, we do not look at all the permissions we are giving to a third party before clicking on the Login With Facebook button. Many a time we are clueless about the meaning of the terms we read in the Terms and Conditions page and at most other times we do not bother reading the fine-print at all… It is just a game after all. We end up sharing a lot of our personal information not restricted to age, gender, location, family details but also our home address, names of our friends and grant permission to these apps to post on Facebook on our behalf. Dangerous isn’t it?

We do not realize the intensity of what our actions mean until they come back to haunt us. In this case, until our accounts are misused or hacked. It is always good to remember that if you are not paying for something, you are the product being sold. In this case, it is your personal information that is being sold.

So what do we do? Completely quitting on social media is not viable anymore because most of our relationships are purely onscreen. What’s the next best alternative?

Do you play such online quizzes? Why?

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2 thoughts on “Online Quizzes, Why So Addictive?”

  1. Oh yes, these quizzes on Facebook are truly addictive. I used to take a lot of them and then came across this permission thing to apps, so I would take the quiz and immediately delete the app permission from the settings. I dont know whether that was right or not. But now I dont take these quizzes but am addicted to articles and posts which appear on my feed and that wastes so much of my time. SIGH


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