New Bookshelf, Renewed Monsoon #MondayMusings

New Bookshelf, Renewed Monsoon

June has been a month of a lot of good news and some news that will most likely end in good news.

Better Health – Someone in my family has been really sick and was in the hospital for almost two months. The person is back home now and recuperating well. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

New Opportunity – I have written here on and off why I wanted to quit my job. This May, the month of my birthday I celebrated the last day of working under someone.  Three of us friends have set up this new company and we are having a lot of fun finding work and doing it for ourselves. It was a bold move, if I may say so myself, but the timing seemed just right. If not now, then when sorts.

Dream Come True – New Bookshelf –  A reading room has always been on my wish list. My father gifted it to me on my birthday – an entire room dedicated to reading and a brand new bookshelf. I cannot stop gushing over my new bookshelf. All I’ve got to do now is fill it up and buy another new bookshelf, fill it with books and buy another new bookshelf – well, you get it right?

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Monsoon – If you have been following my stories, my characters are always looking at the rain or walking in the rain or even waiting for rain. It is because I am an absolute fan of the gorgeous showers from the heaven. I know that the laundry doesn’t dry well, the potholes and the gutters on the roads become worse and all sorts of water borne diseases break out, but,  these things don’t make much difference to me. Why? Because I love monsoon. Last year we had scanty rainfall, but like the MET department predicted, we have had a good season this year. Being in Kerala is such a blessing, because we have only two types of climate – Rainy and Non-Rainy!

While these are the major highlights of what I am grateful for, these aren’t the only things. Every day brings some reason to smile, and I live to seize those opportunities. What have you been doing lately? What are you grateful for?


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7 thoughts on “New Bookshelf, Renewed Monsoon #MondayMusings”

  1. I wish I could borrow that bookshelf. <3 😉 I have books. just need the shelf. Tharoo pliss. 😀 😛

    And all the best for your new venture. May it be very successful soon. 🙂

  2. I also love the rain. (Minus the grasshoppers) The rain just puts me in a good mood and turns away any blues into pinks splashy ones! 🙂
    And, your reading room looks beautiful! Congrats – wishing you many more books!


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