Do You Mind Sharing Your Voice? #Causes

We all want to be able to make big changes in others’ lives, impact them positively. But we often refrain because, what can one person do. Right? Well, not really. The ocean is made up of billions of small drops of water. I discovered quite a few years back and since then, have been signing petitions which mean something to me. Sharing a few petitions I’ve recently signed so that you too can go ahead and participate in it if you feel like.

And just to prove that we can indeed make a difference, highlighted below are two petitions which we signed and could make a difference.

Small Changes, Big Victories

Petition For All/Any of the Following

Because, Gender Equality

Genital Mutilation! Really?

Because If You Think of Rape, It is your mind that is rotten

This one is pretty close to my heart.

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