Megha’s Secret Admirer

The bright sun did nothing to calm her already tired eyes. Her mother had insisted that she carry the umbrella to college, but no, it was ‘so not cool’ for Megha. Clutching her books a bit tighter, she crossed the patch of grass that stretched from the canteen to the main college building. It would take only 5 minutes to walk the distance if she managed to keep up her current pace, but it was difficult with the crowd on the lawn.

For a college, it was unusually crowded, perhaps because there was no watchman at the gate, the public who had nothing whatsoever to do with the college, came snooping in to have the subsidized food from the canteen.

She felt like someone was walking up to her, probably stalking her. But then again, it could be someone else like her going to their classroom after lunch; she shook her head sideways as if to dismiss the thought.

Her spectacles made her look like she was the studious types, someone who knew not how to have fun. Her loud voice and confident demeanor was enough to  set her apart from her classmates who found her quite boring.


It was ethnic day and they all had to come dressed in their ethnic attire. Megha’s mom helped her drape a saree and had carefully pinned a string of jasmine into her well pleated hair. It was her favourite attire and she knew she always looked beautiful in a saree.

There were cultural programs planned for the entire day and the students were informed not to carry any study materials that day. Megha decided to leave her spectacles behind that day.

The prize distribution ceremony for some of the contests that were conducted earlier was going on and Megha was called forward to receive a prize for winning the extempore competition. She came back to the seat to see that there was a sticky note attached to her chair.

“You should wear only sarees. So divine you look my dear.” read the note that was signed by an M.

She shivered as if a cold wind caressed her and looked around for the person who could have put the note on her chair. There were so many people, classmates, teachers, seniors…it could have been anybody. Clueless, she sat down and tried to focus on the programmes on the stage.


“Megha, what is this? When I ask you to do a critique of the poem we last discussed in class, I do not expect you to write erotica in the assignment. Don’t repeat it and redo the assignment properly if you want the internal marks.”

Megha was thankful that the teacher had called her into the staffroom and had decided against humiliating her in front of all her classmates. But who could have written such things in her assignment, Megha could not believe that someone had tampered with her coursework.


The fifteen minute recess was over and the bell rang for the next session to begin. The students filed into the classroom and Megha was disturbed when she saw that there was a sticky note on her desk. Who could have put it there, wondered she as she removed it from the desk and read it.

“3.30 pm. Near the banyan tree by the cricket court. Yours, M.” was all that the note said.

Analyzing the pros and cons of going to meet her secret stalker, the lecture from the linguistics professor went unheard. While the entire class was taking notes, Megha was staring at the lines in her book, trying to force them to give her an answer. Should she go and find out who her stalker was? Should she tell someone else and then go? Would it be too dangerous? Answers eluded her as the class came to an end, sharp at 3.15. The last round of attendance was taken and the students finally were let go, free to roam around or go home – as they pleased.


Megha decided to find out who her secret admirer was. She gathered her books and wished she had a friend in her class with whom she could share such news. Telling her mom was a big no-no, she would worry unnecessarily. There was nobody she could open her heart to, so she felt.


I should have known it, thought Megha. There was nobody near the banyan tree. The place looked eerily lonely and she debated in her mind whether to wait or leave. That is when she saw the sticky note, on the tree. Hastening to pluck it off the tree, she began to read it.

“Dearest Megha,

We are destined to not meet, for I am you and you are me. We are like the sun and moon, I am but a mere reflection of you. I am because you are. Do not try to find me, for time is not in our favour. But know this, in moments of utter sadness, when you think all is lost, I will come back for you. Even if your shadow deserts you, I will not. You will never see me, but you will never be away from me. A mere figment of your imagination, you make me alive. For that, I love you Megha.

Love and love only,


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  1. Guess it wasn’t time for them to meet. 🙁 But maybe one day, they would meet and she wouldn’t know at all. Maybe his notes gave her some confidence too. Though I wonder why he’d tamper with her course work (or was it someone else?)

    Any sequel? 😉
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