Forgiveness and Second Chances

Can’t you see me, making all this noise
Banging on your window, flailing my arms
Is it so difficult or have you gone so far
Am I just a shadow, a figment of your dreams
What about those dreams, together we wove
Remnants of that fabric still in my closet
True I was a coward, running from myself
In front of my mirror, as naked as can be
Step out of the closet, come running to you
Crazy heart of mine, already a million fragments
What about forgiveness, of second chances
Do you still recognise me, oh so new
Deep within, this is the old me
Is it too late to ask, for second chances
You never know, wherever I go, whatever I see
Every meal, every coffee tastes only of you
Just a little wish, grant me just this
Maybe my last, just a second chance


Not writing is sometimes an epidemic one that spreads and takes you down for good. To counter this virus Vinay and I have decided to blog on the same theme every Sunday. Today we are writing on Second Chances. Feeling inspired? We’d love to read your point of view as well.

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1 thought on “Forgiveness and Second Chances”

  1. Oh yeah. I can relate to that. sometimes, people shut themselves away from us at the first time of mistake. Without that second chance, without letting us know what that mistake was. Silence ain’t always golden, and running away does not work. Doesn’t show you believed in the relationship in the first place.


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