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Coffee Date by Saravana Kumar Murugan is a light, breezy read and the book delivers what it promises – a simple short romance story.
There is a hero, a heroine, no villains but there are people who like to create wounds and then rub salt in the lead pair’s story.

Coffee Date By Saravana

Saravana could well be telling the story of you or me when he goes on to describe the work environment we face on a daily basis.
The language is easy and palatable, the story moves in a straight line without huge suspense events waiting to pounce on the reader.

However, the editing is quite not up to the mark and a lot could have been saved had the editors been careful with the book. I also am not a fan because of the ending of the book. Read on to find out what happened towards the end of the story.
Wishing Saravana all the best, Coffee Date is not a bad first attempt.

Coffee Date | Book Blurb

Siddhartha Abhimanyu… People call him Sid, a techie, a beard lover, an ardent reader and a big fan of Nicholas Sparks. He loves reading stories with happy endings. And when he’s not reading he write poems; which helped him impress a long list of girls.

Isha Reddy, the queen of his little heart. The first time Sid saw her, he couldn’t blink even for a second. She, being a writer, director of three award winning short films, hates men with a stubble and, has a different opinion on life.

Sid falls in love with Isha. Isha could not escape from Mr. Charming. They date over a cup of coffee. Sid also acts as the male lead in Isha’s new short film.

Niharika, Sid’s direct report in office falls in love with Sid. He rejects her proposal, but destiny has different plans. They have to fly abroad to execute a project.

Shivani, Sid’s reel life heroine, get introduced to him by Isha. Shivani kisses him during a shoot. This along with a series of incidents hurt Isha.

Isha breaks up with Sid. Both Shivani and Niharika waiting for this opportunity, what will happen to Sid and Isha’s love? Will Sid and Isha reunite? Will Niharika get what she wants? Or will Shivani succeed in her masterplan?

Coffee Date | Meet the Author

Saravana Kumar Murugan is the editor of Shades of Life Book Series, contributing author of several anthologies that includes “Uff Ye Emotions 2”, “Timeless Love”, “A Little Chorus Of Love”, “Love Stories Around Us”, among others. His poems have been published in several online magazines and his debut book as a poet is to be released soon. His love for the language “Deutsch” reflects in “die 55”, a collection of short stories (55 Fiction) published in Kindle. He is the Marshal of Blog-a-Ton, the online marathon of Bloggers; where bloggers decide a theme and write on a monthly basis. He writes under a pen name “Someone is Special” at “ Few Miles– shortlisted as one of the Top 12 Creative Blogs of India in 2014”, and winner of more than 25 contests in blog-o-sphere.
He can be contacted at or follow him at


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