Her Confidence

Silence greeted her as she went on to the stage and stood behind the mike.
Perhaps they were ridiculing her for being back shamelessly after her pitiful performance last week, perhaps they were not confident she had it in her to speak to an audience of about a thousand people.
Little did they know, the power of a teacher’s motivation. Having that one person who had confidence in her when she herself was unsure, changed her world.
Anita madam’s confidence in her gave her the grit to be facing an audience again.
She now knew nothing could scare her again.



Each year April is special for the blogging community as a lot of us embark on the AtoZ Challenge – one where each day of April, we attempt to write on one English alphabet. The letter for the day is C and today’s post revolves around the word Confidence. I hope you will leave a comment if you enjoyed reading my story. 

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4 thoughts on “Her Confidence”

  1. Never underestimate the power of positive encouragement. Some of the people I remember most fondly are the ones who pushed me, believed in me and propped up my confidence even as a shy, awkward teen. Well said, Bhavya.


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