Empathy Makes You Human

Legs, hands, arms, face. Heart, brain, feelings. These and much more make us human beings.
Not colour, race, religion or even sexual orientation. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender – christian, muslim, hindu – these are not what classify people.
Why is it so difficult for you to understand a person who is different from you?

We do not bat an eyelid before going ooh and aah over a stray puppy – we do not enquire about the whereabouts of its parents or lineage. We are more than happy to bring home a stray and raise it as one’s own. But what happens when it comes to human babies? Are they not worthy of a childhood? Are they not just like you, but not as fortunate as you are? People freak out when they hear about the word adoption. It is such a wonderful way to give a home to so many deserving but unfortunate childhoods.
Watch this video if you have the time to spare – it is heartening to see that brands are now communicating in the global language of emotions.


Each year April is special for the blogging community as a lot of us embark on the AtoZ Challenge – one where each day of April, we attempt to write on one English alphabet. The letter for the day is E and today’s post revolves around the word Empathy.

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3 thoughts on “Empathy Makes You Human”

  1. More power to Gauri, and to Gayathri too. I don’t know why the word “adoption” is considered a failure or taboo still. That understanding, and the compassion, that needs to be there, needs to return. 🙂 Beautifully written.

  2. Yes, Bhavya. To have empathy is important because only then we will be able to appreciate the other person. The ad is sensational and shows a new side of Corporate Social Responsibility. Glad to read this because it’s so relevant for our times.


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