Amita’s Affection

The whining noises distracted her from the chattering of her friends.

A grey puppy looked at her, its eyes moist with some inexplicable pain.

Amita scooped up the little puppy and put him into the sack slung over her back.

As soon as they reached their hut and Amita put down the sack she used to collect scrap and iron pieces, the puppy darted out, excited.

Amita served her dinner in a bowl for her new friend.

The warm licks from her little friend filled her heart with happiness and in the shower of affection, her own hunger was forgotten.

Courtesy : BrainyQuote

Each year April is special for the blogging community as a lot of us embark on the AtoZ Challenge – one where each day of April, we attempt to write on one English alphabet. The letter for the day is A and today’s post revolves around the word Affection. I hope you will leave a comment if you enjoyed reading my story. 

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