Why Feminism Fails

A particular F word raises more eyebrows than even curse words that start with the same alphabet.
To a certain extent there seems to be no other word that is as misunderstood or hated as Feminism.

Easily classifiable as yet another ism, propagating hatred or bias in the human minds, feminists are also thought to be people who hate men.

FYI, we do not hate you.

All we try to do is create a level playing ground for you and us.


By small things that might seem trivial to you. Like sitting down for a meal along with you and not waiting until you have finished. By looking after our parents even when we are married to you and live with you. By not changing our surnames and by refusing to be owned or identified my the symbols a married woman ‘must wear’. That said, we might choose to do the exact opposite, because hey, it is our life. As long as it does not harm another soul, we will live our lives based on our choices.

You not doing anybody a favour by treating women as equals or by showing women respect. After all, you only get the respect you give. We are all human and it is expected out of each one of us. Not doing so, in my opinion, only makes you less of a human being.

Men aren’t the only ones who are against feminism. Half of the time, we women are our own enemies, we bitch the most about ourselves and we are the ones who clip the wings of other women who want to fly. Difficult to digest?

When you start walking, you are asked not to stray beyond an imaginary boundary. You are not supposed to talk loudly in the house. Your mother will be the one who restricts you for most things you do? Why? At some level, the answer is that they are scared. Of being different, of standing out. It is to address this fear that we need feminism. When Emma Watson spoke about feminism and equality of genders, voices and hands that were raised were only to praise her. The same community was close to being abusive to her because she chose to wear a revealing attire for a photoshoot.

Can you see the hypocrisy here? What we are fighting for is not a war against men, it is against the conditioning that the society has inflicted on us. We are fighting for freedom, freedom to raise our voices, freedom to work if we want to and not work if we do not want to, freedom to choose what clothes to wear and what religion to practice. Freedom to also choose what to eat and what to say.


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  1. Seriously, I’m so done clarifying this “We don’t hate men.” More than anything, people should stop judging based on gender. Should stop interfering in other’s business. It’s our life. Let us live that peacefully the way we like. And vice versa.


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