The Test of Time

It was exactly 7 years ago, the day before I left for my higher studies that we had taken the decision. To part ways and to meet at the same spot 7 years later.
My education, at least the formal version of it was over and I had a not so bad job in a well known company to boast of.

What would he have done in these years?

When I left him, he was clueless as to what his plans were. I doubt if he was still in love with me. He had obviously looked sad when I left him. It was not a break-up; we had not decided to see other people but there were no compulsions.

Both of us were young, he barely two years elder than my 20 years.

Would he have stayed honest to me? I don’t know. It’s easier for him, after all he is a guy. Who knows he might even bring along his girl friend when he comes today. If he comes today, if he remembers. To say I was not tempted is not entirely true, but in my defense, none of it was ever serious.
I had called him once, on his first birthday after the continents separated us. But never after that. I don’t know if he would have tried to contact me. My phone number, address had all changed and I had not left it with anyone he knew from whom he could manage to get it.

The bus screeched to a halt. This is where I get down. It all boils down to this moment.

It is then the thought struck me. What if he did not turn up today. What if he forgot or what if he found someone else. Would I be able to live with it? Was our childhood friendship strong enough to make him want to come and meet me today? I was being a fool wasn’t I, dressing up and travelling so far in this biting cold expecting someone I left seven years ago to come and meet me, to rekindle the embers of friendship and try to make it into a raging fire of romance?

Girls from the hostel had made fun of me, they had told me that he would not be there, that guys are not the kind who would wait. Still, here I was. Like a fool, waiting under a tree that has now lost all its leaves, shivering just like me, waiting for the warmth that would spring new life from within.


The whole thing with the tree started off on the group chat of my crazy blogging buddies. We decided to write a post each on the Tree which Pixie clicked.
So here’s what was written by Vinay, (such a beautiful poem, don’t miss reading it) and the VaayadiPennu (she gives you the history behind the post)

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  1. hmmm. I wonder how long she waited, if he came, what would have happened. open ending leaves possibilities, but I think he’d have come. I hope so at least 🙂
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