Yet Another Woman

The social media is up in arms against the miscreants, the ones who tried to tarnish a woman’s soul. There are hate messages, trending hashtags like #WithYouBhavana and multiple voices coming out in support of this victim. Bhavana is yet another woman added to the long list of victims.

What is different is the number of celebrities, politicians who are showing solidarity, sympathising with the victim and their Facebook updates expressing concern and urging the CM and his ilk to take immediate action.

To get attention, you either need to be a celebrity or your case should qualify to be portrayed in the list of the rarest of rare. Candle light vigils and protest marches will cry to restore your honour if you are a martyr. Jisha, Nirbhaya and Bhavana are not the only women we need to stand up for.

On an average, four women file complaints of rape in Kerala every day. But how many victims does the CM know? How many celebrities condemn the act? How many hashtags trend and for how many days?

Heck, let the society be.

Ask the women in your family how many times they have been eve teased, touched and hurt in more ways than one. Be prepared when you ask this question, if they tell you the truth, be prepared to be shocked.

What happens to those other women, aren’t they human enough for their pain to be considered pain?

While what happened to Bhavana is a crime and the offenders need to be punished, why can’t people be the same before law? Why this discrimination when it comes to getting justice?

Judiciary is a system out of bounds for most of us, but, as people we can make a difference. One person at a time. While my friends are of the opinion that women need to be licensed gun wielders, some of them opine that the boys need better education. Respect – an exchange of respect is probably the only thing needed here.

When you see that your father ridicules your mother for miscalculating the amount of salt needed in the dal or when you see your mother scold the maid for the spot that remains on the floor even after the mopping is done, where is respect?

How will you learn respect when you hit your sister and your mother asks her to let it go because you will be a man tomorrow?

What are we supposed to emulate?

It is high time we stopped telling and started showing.


Linking this to the BAR WoWe post where the prompt is Gender equality is not something we should have to fight for, it should have always been. — Robyn Oyeniyi

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