Thankful Thursdays | January 05

It is a new year, a new beginning, a new calendar and 365 days which we’ve never seen before. The year started off well, though it has just been 5 days into the new year, it already feels like this will be a great one!
How did you celebrate your new year? Was it just another day or was there a party? However it was, I wish you and yours a splendid 2017 🙂

Our family was together and we celebrated the new year together. It was indeed a good day for us as even my brother who works in a city that’s not very close, could also be home with us. That the New Year fell on a Sunday meant that we all had the day off and could relax and unwind.
We have our sports day coming up at the office and every one is kind of busy running around doing the preparations. This time all the team captains are ladies and that has increased the excitement levels already. Being chosen as team captain definitely is a big deal for me!
Getting back to playing carrom and chess feels good. There are star players here in our office, but putting in the best I can for my team is all that I can do and it gives immense joy doing so.
One of the major highs of the week was getting a sign from the universe. A friend and I were having this discussion and a decision had to be made either in favour or against it. The next day there it was! The very same thing we discussed about had presented itself before me. That definitely is a sign right?

Do you believe in New Year resolutions? I do not. Isn’t every day a good one to turn over a new leaf? No. It isn’t. But if implementing a new decision from January 01 gives a sense of direction, then why not? So what is your new year resolution?

I have not been writing as much as I’d like to. To change that, for every Thursday of the year I will be attempting to put up a gratitude post. This should start me off and get me back on track, hopefully! Wish me luck.

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