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The vast differences between the past and the present always ensures a backstory.
Dirty Martini tells the story of Preethi who marries a handsome guy and moves abroad kindling her dreams of marital bliss.
The future Preethi explains where she is now and how she finds a new love. The story explains the why and how of her story.

The mindset of a young bride is well brought out – her fears and expectations clearly depicted and painted in words. A woman can easily relate to the portions as it might be the very thing many of us or our sisters have gone through.
The angst is well brought out and one hopes for a happy ending for the story.

I love books that carry the potential of making me weep or at least make me sad. I feel that grief is possibly the most honest emotion there is.
Kavi’s heroine, is in a sense each one of us. I could relate to Preethi on more than one level and hence there were parts where I put the book down to just let the thought and the moment pass by, to just take a deep breath and really relive all that Preethi was going through, through Dirty Martini.

I would definitely reccommend this book to anyone, especially all the women who are reading this.

Dirty Martini Book Review

Book Blurb :

Life was all rainbows and daisies for the old-school, demure Preethi.
But an expensive mistake made her the oddball in the flashy world she chose. With her very survival threatened, an escape from the label the society had slapped on her seemed impossible.

When faced with a ‘why not?’ moment, Preethi found solace where she least expected it. Raghu walks into her life like a whiff of fresh air on a dewy morning. The elusive happiness he brought had the potential to heal the wounds life had inflicted on her. She could envision a future with him, provided he never discovers her past. However, fate played its favorite game, unraveling secrets she had brushed under the carpet, causing a rupture in their relation.

Preethi’s relentless pursuit to live to the fullest leads her on a different road to redemption, at a penalty. The sojourn costs her, her identity.

With her journey fueled by a need for companionship, will Preethi finally be at peace with what she had chosen for her life?

Dirty Martini dissects the judgmental, opinionated notions of the society. As Preethi treads on an arguably unconventional path, the journey evolves her threshold to understand the world better.

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