What I Want For My Birthday

It is just December and my birthday doesn’t come until at least a quarter of a year later, but when prompted by Sanch, it set me thinking about my next birthday. Well, kind of a milestone as I enter another decade of existence. But then, isn’t every year, every week, every day a new milestone in our lives. We would not see those days again and we would do things that will not be repeated any other day. Every day is unique when we think about it. Then again, that is not the point here.

The point is, I want to tell you about the three things that I want for my next birthday.


The first and probably the most important thing in this list would be, freedom. I wish to be free, of shackles both imaginary and real. To be free of the thought, ‘what will people think?’. To be free enough to take decisions without having to justify my actions. Recently, I was discussing with my mom about a simple wish of mine and I was surprised when she asked me why I haven’t acted upon it yet. And here I was, thinking that she would be against my wish and had not even bothered to ask/discuss with her. I had been tying myself down for all these years, to an imaginary tree with a rope that did not even exist.

The second thing that I want for my birthday is a surprise. Not a surprise gift or a party, but a visit or a call from a long lost friend who I have lost as the wheels of time turned. Coming to think of it, there are so many people who used to be really close to me, I used to be really close to them. Today, I don’t think we are on each others’ contact lists even. We meet so many people, forget so many of them, but there are some special people who will always remain in our hearts because they’ve left indelible fingerprints on our hearts.

The third, the final and probably the one thing I have been wanting for a long time now is a vacation. Not the usual kind where you just take a break and go somewhere. I want to save up for a vacation which would be at least a year long, one where I would travel across the globe and live for some time like a native in places that interest me. I would learn their language, cook their food and come back home richer than I was when I embarked on that trip of a lifetime. I know this will not happen by the time my next birthday comes knocking, but what the heck, one can always dream isn’t it?

What do you want for your birthday? How do you usually celebrate your birthday? Do share in the comments.

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