To Write A Memoir

Let your experiences make you better, but never bitter.
These were the words of a dear friend many moons ago when there was neither moon nor stars illuminating my night sky. For many reasons, the words stuck with me and very often I remember these words and control my reactions to people and situations.
It is funny how life deals the cards. You are always in for a surprise, no matter how prepared you are.

Another realization that dawned on me is that we are only given burdens that our shoulders can carry. Even when I complained about how life was mistreating me, I knew deep down inside that this too shall pass and for every day, there is a night.

I’ve read Eat Pray Love and loved it. Not everybody connects to everything Ms. Gilbert has written, but boy how I related to that book.

Talking about memoirs, I do not know if I have the courage to bare my heart like that. To take one of the deepest incidents that happened to you and to lay it bare on the pages of a book? It is a scary but very thrilling proposition, but if it will mean something to someone and if it can be a twinkling star in a night sky, why not.

Linking this to Writing Wednesdays at WriteTribe where the theme is Do you think you’ll ever attempt to write a memoir?

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3 thoughts on “To Write A Memoir

  1. That is indeed an inspiring quote to stick to. And yes, about writing memoirs…if it is able to mean something to someone then definitely it would be worth it. 🙂
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