Fragile Lives | BarAThon Blogging Challenge | Day 3

“Oh God! Please don’t cry Gayathri. How many times have I told you I hate it when you cry” an irritated Hari tried to pacify his girlfriend.

Between sobs, “You don’t know” she managed to say.

“Then tell me.”

“Life is so unfair da.”

A shocked Hari in a bit more gentle tone, “I know life is not fair dear. Tell me. What happened.”

“Everyone we love is taken away from us so soon. Life is so fragile Hari. It is just so sad.”

“Oh don’t start crying again. Who was taken away from you to cry so hard”

Breaking into a hysterical laugh, “Not who, but what. I know how much you hate when I cry. So I tried to be a little dramatic in telling you that my little cousin who came home yesterday took away my chocolate.”

Poor Hari was at a loss for words and expressions. She definitely had him!


This is Day 3 at The BarAThon Blogging Challenge and the theme for today is Fragile Lives

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