Caught Red Handed

Loud noises try to wake me up as I try to roll over and make myself comfortable on the bed again. I had no idea why Viv was up so early on a holiday and of all places what he was doing in the kitchen.

caught red handed For whatever it was, I decided to not lose my sleep over it and shut my ears with his pillow.

An hour later, I could still hear those noises. Curiosity got the better of me and I finally decided to end my tryst with our bed and went down to the source of all the noise.

What I saw left me speechless. So that was the reason for all these noises!

There he was, trying to feed the three tiny tots of our neighbour. My sink was overflowing with dirty vessels, the kitchen counter was a mess and let us not even talk about the state of the dining table!

That is the moment I saw in his eyes a dream of having children in the home, a dream that he kept running away from.

This post is in response to the prompt Caught Red Handed over at Blogarhythm blog where bloggers are running, well with their keyboards, for the BarAThon.

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8 thoughts on “Caught Red Handed

  1. Liked the story and the guy with the dream of fatherhood. 🙂 but the last line about men felt unneeded. It’d have been better if you ended it with the dream in his yes that he ran away from, and left the reader contemplating the beauty of the moment of realization!
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