Counting the Blessings


It is a not so rare story where two best friends become almost strangers owing to the gap that time and distance builds. The said friends both understand and accept their situation and lead their lives normally. Then suddenly, out of the blue, totally unpredictably they walk into each other in an aisle in the supermarket!!!

Imagine my shock and what a wonderful shock it was!

Coming to think of it, the week that went by was a pretty awesome one – I met a couple of friends, I fell sick but that meant I got to stay home for some days and get pampered, some books were also read and let us not talk about all the food that was consumed! Ohh and I also got to watch a couple of good to decent movies.

It is has now become not possible to meet someone without sharing a meal together.
Counting the blessings, I realize there is nothing more needed in my life now. Right now, this moment – is the perfect moment.


Counting the blessings

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3 thoughts on “Counting the Blessings”

  1. Need to catch up to best friends soon, before they become strangers. This year has been a roller coaster..

    Hope all your illness is gone and wishing you a healthy year ahead, Ishi.
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