The Cherished Ring

I have a special relationship with Mr. Krishna. It is not bound by the rules of the society as to how I need to be or how he needs to be. Reaffirming this relationship is this ring. It is all the more cherished because it used to belong to my grandfather and he gave it to me when I was quite young. Since that day I have always worn this ring no matter where I am or what I do. I feel close to my grand-dad as well as to the Person whose picture is captured in the cherished ring.


Inside the ring is a picture of Sri Guruvayurappan. He is the presiding deity of Guruvayoor temple, who is being worshiped as Shri Krishna in His child form, popularly known as Guruvayur Unnikkannan (Guruvayur baby Krishna). Even though the deity is that of chatur bahu (four handed) Vishnu, the concept (Sankalpam) of the people is that the deity is the infant form of Lord Krishna. The deity represents the purna rupa (full manifestation) revealed by baby Krishna to His parents immediately after His advent in Kamsa’s jail. Lord Krishna immediately after His birth had revealed Himself as four-armed standing Vishnu in front of His parents Devaki and Vasudeva. So baby Krishna is worshipped on a Vishnu deity. The temple is located in the town of Guruvayur, Thrissur, Kerala, India.
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10 thoughts on “The Cherished Ring”

  1. It may be just an object to some… but to you it is a treasure item… a piece that connects you with your loved one. Cheers to that… cherish these good things as life is made up of these tiny little pieces of joy.!

  2. We’ve only met twice and both times in a hurry. I’ll look out for the ring next time 😀 Some pieces of us are more than just pieces, alle?

  3. Thank you for adding the link, and for sharing the story of this ring. I know so little of this religion, but it’s interesting and I appreciate the chance to learn a little bit from you.

    Dan – cohost – #CBF16
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