An Autograph For Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman – Review

Sundari Venkatraman

Jayant Mathur is found murdered in his bed, shot at point-blank range with his own revolver. Though she’s extremely disturbed by his death, Jayant’s wife Anjali is way more upset about something else. Who stands to gain by killing the multi-millionaire businessman?
Parth Bhardwaj is a friend and neighbour of the Mathurs. Parth is an author who goes by a pseudonym. He appears more than a friend to Anjali; while he’s also on good terms with her son Arjun who lives and studies in the UK. What role does he play in Anjali’s life? Jayant’s relatives are curious to know.
Jayant’s brother-in-law Rana is convinced that Parth and Anjali are the murderers. But Inspector Phadke has his own doubts about this theory. In comes Samrat, the private detective who appears as quiet as a mouse. Will he be able to find the murderer?
Will Anjali find happiness and peace?


The book starts with a dead body and a stoic woman who is seemingly unaffected by the death of her husband. As we come to know of who the murdered man – Jayant was, how selfish and unloving a husband he was, we feel for Anjali. The only respite in her life comes from her son Arjun, who is almost the exact opposite of his father. Loving, caring and concernced, Arjun is the perfect son every mother would want. 
Anjali is who she is because of what Jayant has made of her – merely a wife with no rights or voice of her own. It is when she sees Jayant with his mistress that the sky falls down for Anjali and she falls into depression. With treatment and love, Anjali gets better and becomes confident of who she is. Parth seems to have a very positive effect on Anjali. Jayant finds out everything about the romance of Anjali and Parth and in a few days, he is found murdered in his own bedroom. 
Who killed Jayant? What would happen to Anjali and Parth? How would Arjun react to all this? Answers to all these form the story.
Though the book has some elements of mystery in it, it is mostly about love and second chances in life. In the second part of the book, the issue of depression is addressed and that too very gently, deftly woven into the story. 
As always, the pages describing love and romance shine best and the author has yet again proven that she can churn out romances at the snap of her fingers. 
The writing is clear and simple, all the characters are very well developed, be it Anjali, Jayant, Arjun or even Parth. The book makes for a relaxed reading session that can be spent on your favorite couch nursing a cup of coffee. 

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In 2014, Sundari self-published The Malhotra Bride (2nd Edition); Meghna; The Runaway Bridegroom; Flaming Sun Collection 1: Happily Ever Afters From India (Box Set) and Matches Made In Heaven (a collection of romantic short stories).
2015 brought yet another opportunity. Readomania came forward to traditionally publish this book – The Madras Affair – a mature romance set in Madras.
An Autograph for Anjali, a romance with a touch of suspense, is also a self-published novel. Going a step further, the author has published the paperback version through Notion Press.

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