Writing For A One Year Old

After he made us wait for an incredibly long period which tested our patience (to say the least) a little boy was born. He brought with him all the happiness and love into my sister’s life.

One look at his gentle face will melt away your worries and his smile will force one on your face too. All of one, he looks totally dashing – God save the girls in his life! Don’t believe me? Go check out his photos on the blog!

One fine day my little nephew invited me over to his blog. What do you tell children who are so young? Do I tell him a story? After thinking a lot, I decided to tell him what he means to us, tell him how loved he is and to put it in words, so he can read it anytime he feels unsure about things.

What would you tell a one year old if you were in my place?

Read my post on his blog here.

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