How time flies!

March 9 2015 was an important day for me.

The past few months were pure torture, to say the least and I was looking for a break in all senses of the word. It was not a good time and no matter what friends and family tried to do for me, it never seemed to be enough. Nothing good would reach my heart, nothing could help me heal. Being around the familiar faces that tried to heal me only opened those wounds further. Of course, they were only trying to help.

It was then that I got this job, the one I am in right now. It offered me everything I wanted at that time – a change of pace, a change of scene and a change of faces. It has given me only good things and my life graph shows an upward trend. Many good things have happened to me since joining this office.

Very recently I celebrated one year of being in this office. How time flies! I know it is in my destiny to be here, this moment.


Sometimes, all you can do is, put your past behind you and start afresh. And that is what this job helped me do. I have forgiven the people who have hurt me and my loved ones, I have decided to hold my head high and walk forward. My past is my past, but I will not let that define who I will be in future.

Linking this to the Gratitude circle over at Vidya’s place.

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