Getting There

“Get busy living or get busy dying..
Don’t just lie there doing nothing.” he shouted at me.

“But…but I already am..trying…” I tried to convince him in my squeaky voice.


He was in a nasty mood these days, too much pressure at work I guess. He’d never been this rude to me before, never been so aggressive in these years, and I’d been with him for the past 5 years. He drives me up the wall these days, if I could manage on my own, I would have run away long ago. Not that my grandfather’d be pleased about. He would box my ears if I told him I wanted to run away from Jake.

The same thing continued with Jake. He would get up in the morning, shout at me, hit the bed and shout at me for some reason I couldn’t fathom.

Finally when I decided enough was enough, I shared this with my grandfather, told him how abusive Jake was and how he’d hurt me everyday.

Grandpa listened to me and when I was done babbling, in his grand old voice he said, “listen kiddo, he’s going through a rough patch. If you stick by him now he will forever be grateful to you and never mistreat you again. Trust me, his mother was exactly like him.”

I felt like I understood what grandpa was telling me.

That night when Jake came home, I told him that I’d stick by him and love him no matter what…and that I knew that he was undertaking a rough journey in life.

He laughed at me, saying that I was just a wrist watch and even if I wanted to, I could never leave him. Though it hurt initially, I remembered grandpa’s voice and told myself that I should be patient because for Jake, getting to a place of comfort can be uncomfortable.


Written for Wordy Wednesdays @ Blogarhythm

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