Magic In The Mountains ~ Review

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing; Leadstart Publishing Magic In The Mountain edition (December 16, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9381836922
ISBN-13: 978-9381836927
” Faced with the sudden death of their parents, Pradeep and Priya find themselves not only battling grief and loss but also adjusting to a whole new world.
Taken to live with their Aunt Sheila in Coonoor, in the Nilgiri hills, they try to find comfort in routine and the beauty of their surroundings.
But suddenly, they find themselves in the midst of a mystery.
There is a kidnap, magic, a car chase, an extraordinary bakery, strange ladies, and much more. Sleepy and quiet though the hill station usually is, Pradeep and Priya find there is never a dull moment. ”
Magic in the Mountains is a tale of two children who lose their parents and have come to live with their aunt. Magical elements like a flying carpet and talking snakes, the three children and some villains drive the story forward. There is a certain charm in the book that is reminiscent of the Enid Blyton books we read as children.
An adult reader will be able to guess through the suspense that is built. But considering that this is a children’s book, it can be ignored.
There is a certain beauty that simplicity brings. This is exactly what Magic In The Mountains bring to the table with it. It is a book that is suitable for young kids who have just started reading, as the language is not too difficult and they will get an opportunity to ignite their imagination. It is not easy to write for such young children and one must commend the author Nimi Kurian for such a lovely attempt.

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