The Uncertain Tomorrow

Afraid I am to open my mouth
Will rice too be worshipped tomorrow?
Will they slaughter us too
You who slaughter in the name of cows?
Your Holy Tulsi
Nibbled on by worms
Will they be crucified too?

To speak without fear,
To live with no horror
Lurking in the corner
Preying on
WIth its razor sharp eyes
Mistaking my food
For their Holy Being.

Is this what freedom is?
Is this your dream?
Where is the nation that was the most

Heart broken we are, to see,
The Nation we were so proud of
Turn into a carcass, preyed upon by communal maggots
You are but a mere chunk of flesh,
Of the earth
Return to the earth you will
Why rot when still alive?


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1 thought on “The Uncertain Tomorrow”

  1. Powerful, especially the last verse. And I agree. Too much attention is given to aspects which needn’t get that much attention, or any attention.


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