The Story of Tublu

Train journeys tend to become boring, especially if you are travelling in the day time when the weather is too hot to enjoy the views from the window. As usual, the book in my bag came to my rescue.

The book is the Story of Tublu, a sweet young boy who had to pack his belongings and move because of the floods that devastated Assam and left his father and Tublu homeless. They seek refuge under a school principal and a kind man Mr. Sharma. From then on, Tublu’s life takes a whole different turn.

The characters are all sweet and gentle, with almost no shades of grey in them, be it Maina, Tublu, the Sharmas or Bipin, Tublu’s father. Tublu eventually falls in love with Maina, who in turn is in love with another guy. So does finally Maina fly home to Tublu or will he have to let her go? You will have to read the book to know that.

The book narrates the coming of age story of the boy Tublu, but it to be honest, this is the story of Maina, the daughter of Mr. Sharma as well. From childhood they have known each other, seen and stood by each other as they went through various phases in life, thus is it is a tale of their relationship as well. From being reluctant kids to becoming each other’s strongest support in times of need, the story portrays the growth and evolution of Maina and Tublu through various tests that life puts for them.

The only problem I have with the book is the editing part. Many of the ‘well’s and ‘little one’s could have been done away with. Also, skip the foreword. You can always go back and read it once you are done with the book.

The story might be predictable, but it definitely is not a boring one. You can read it in one go and I finished the book in one sitting not getting bored even for a minute. I’d say go ahead and buy the book. Read and enjoy the book, support a debut author 🙂



The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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