Yesterdays and Tomorrows

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Brown socks, off white pants, navy blue shirt; a bearded face, eyes that shone and a mop of curly hair met her eyes as Thumbi looked at this man who had come to see her. He might have felt her gaze, for he directly looked into her eyes and held his gaze. A few seconds passed, she blinked and had to look away. The elders were busy in their discussions and nobody had noticed this duel of eyes that took place right underneath their noses.

One round of tea and snacks were done with. The boy’s uncle told the girl’s grandmother that the children may have something to speak to each other. Grandmother looked offended at the idea and was about to dismiss the suggestion when they heard a “Yes, I do in fact.” It was Thumbi, who spoke those words and attracted surprised looks from her audience. Only her mother looked calm as if she knew that this would happen.

Thumbi got up from her seat and stood near the door, waiting for the boy to accompany her. The boy, meanwhile had a gleam in his eyes, one that told that he approved of her behaviour, but one that he hid cleverly from the girl he had come to see, he did not want her to form any ideas in her mind. The boy followed the girl, once his uncle nodded and signaled him to go on. He followed her into the garden, and an year later, she followed him into the wedding mandap and together they held hands and walked into their new life.

“Now come on, get under the umbrella. The sun is too harsh and if your grandmother sees us like this, she will come and bury me in the sand.”

The children giggled, they knew their grandfather was just kidding. Yes their grandmother was headstrong, after all she had shown the daring to want to talk to the ‘boy’ who had come to see her over a few cups of tea. They loved hearing the story of their grandparents’ marriage and could never get tired of it. Every summer vacation, they would carry the giant colourful umbrella and go to the beach. While grandmother set up the picnic, grandfather would try to set up the umbrella and fail. He would then call out to his wife who would grumble that no matter how old he got, he could never do his things on his own. The children knew that it was all part of the entertainment package for their summer vacation and enjoyed the scenes. Days were spent under the giant umbrella, eating home made snacks and licking the ice cream bought from the vendor on the beach. The children entertained and their souls satiated, would leave on the last friday of May, promising to return during the next summer vacation.

Standing in their porch, the old couple planted everyone with wet kisses and waved their young crowd off. They turned towards their home, held hands and once again entered their daily life just the way they had done decades ago.


~ Concluded ~

My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet U that we've chosen is Umbrella.
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