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Where Is It?

“I can’t find it mummy! Where did you keep it?”

“How will I know. Try to remember where you kept it. “

“Oh c’mon mom… please… I know that you know… I don’t have time for this now!! Please… my bus will be here soooonnn”

“I am scared to go search in your room. There maybe snakes under all those piles of clothes and books. Otherwise I would have helped you.”

“Okay okay.. I get it. I promise I will clean up once I am back from school.”

“Right. Here are your ribbons. You want my help to make that plait?”

“You are unbelievable mom.”

“Well, I have to get the work done somehow!! Now go, don’t be late”


My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet R that we've chosen is Ribbon. 

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Author: Ishithaa

She's the one who grew up a bit too soon, the child in her refusing to grow up. She's the paradox you will love to unravel, yet the truth in her eyes continue to disturb the web of your thoughts.

4 Comments on “Where Is It?

  1. Its so nicely described. I remembered my school days when I used to search for my ribbons. 😀 Nice I loved it…

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