When I Started A New Life

It had become a routine, dragging myself out of the bed, shuffling my feet through the day’s chores to finally reach the place I called my office. It was not easy to make your presence felt in an institution that barely recognized fresh faces, leave alone fresh pathways to an already existing goal.

When you take up your first assignment, there is a certain enthusiasm in you to do your best and to prove your worth. You want to take the least possible amount of time to do your best and you keenly look for an appreciative nod or a smile from your superior appreciating how well you have handled the task in spite of it being your first job. Over the first few days, it was clear that was not going to be so for me.

Initial days were difficult, to say the least. The superior seemed to be pissed off at me for no reason, noncooperation became their second nature and I was made to walk over burning coals during those few weeks. I came to know that the particular person had many issues with the management and how she always complained that the load was more than she could handle alone. That was where I stepped in; but I could not see why she had to complain. The work load was not much and now it was being shared by two people. I was doing every bit to please the woman I reported to.

They say woman to woman jealousy is too much in offices. Till this day I am not sure if that was the reason I was treated like I was. The credit for the work that was done by me, was always taken up by someone else…not by someone else, by that particular person. In spite of my repeated attempts to make my stand clear and to show everyone the fair picture, my plans never materialized. That was the first time I came face to face with corporate drama and dirty politics inside an office.  There was nothing in that office for me, no friends, nobody I could trust. I knew that it would be near to impossible for me to prove myself there. That is the moment I knew it was time for me to change.

There was something in me that was making them take me for granted. I knew that it was time for me to finally start asserting myself. I took steps to ensure that I was never taken for granted ever again, ensure that the credit for what I did always came to me. It was not easy, it even required changing a lot about myself and it did not happen overnight, but it did happen. I had taken the step to #StartANewLife much like what this fast growing start up Housing does for a lot of families and individuals.

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  1. Politics is always there almost in all offices. You have to watch carefully, and observe things. Most people wants to take credit of other’s efforts. Always be vigilant!

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