The Gift

No matter how many tuitions were given, no matter how many schools were changed, Deepak just would not study. His parents, both busy IT professionals, tried the old method of bribing him.

Much to their relief, it worked.

Gradually his demands became higher as he moved up in classes. An x-box was his latest demand for scoring above 80% in the boards. Money was never a constraint and he was promised what he wanted.

Things started looking murky when he could not sleep for days together. His parents also worried about his loss of appetite and him being continuously aloof from all that was happening around him. Continued lack of sleep made him hallucinate and his parents began questioning his sanity.

Unknown to his parents, he had become addicted to these games and spent more and more time playing. Today, he is in the hospital, unable to write his final exams of class 11. His parents might never have even imagined that their gift had the potential to become such a curse for their only son.


My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet X that we've chosen is X-box.
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