The Egg or The Hen

“Etta, what came first, the egg or the hen?”

“I don’t know. Go ask daddy. You and your weird questions!”


“Not now Esther. Daddy is busy.”

When he saw how his daughter’s face fell, he pulled her into his lap, “What’s it kiddo?”

“Daddy, the hen or the egg?”

“The egg came into existence because of the ardent desire of a hen from the future to live on the earth.”

Dazed, Esther asked her father, “Whaaaattt??”

Laughing, he told her that she would understand when she grew up a bit more.

My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet E that we've chosen is Egg. Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you thought about my story before you hop away :) 
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