Subject of Right and Left

“You need to be careful when you cross the road. Don’t cross just like that. Who can tell me what are the rules to be followed while crossing the road?”

When none of the students were able to answer, Lata teacher picked up the chalk and turned to the black board.

The white stripes she drew on the board stood out in stark contrast to the pitch black background.

To the class, she asked again, “What is this?”

Amidst giggles, one of the girls told her that it was a zebra with no outline.

Lata could not hide her smile and nodded at the little girl. “Yes Rhea. It is indeed something like a zebra. We can see such patterns on our roads. These are called zebra crossings.”

She was a mathematics teacher and had no reason to be teaching the students to cross roads. She had already lost one student to an accident a few months back and since then she always made sure to teach her students how to cross the road without getting hurt.


My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet Z that we've chosen is Zebra. Thanks for stopping by!! 
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