Priti’s Bidai & A Failed Prophecy

“Priti finish all this business now and go sleep. You have to wake up very early for the ceremonies.”

Her maa was so worried about everything going well, after all, she had single handedly managed everything. From finding the right school for Priti to finding Atul, her fiance, her maa had worked tirelessly unlike a mere mortal and tried her best to ensure that Priti always got the best of everything. Her mother never let her feel the absence of her father, a man whom she had never seen, a man who threw her and her mother out because she could not give birth to a boy.

Her maa was her hero and today, she would have to leave her and go with Atul, to his home, to be his better half. Atul was a gentleman by all standards. Priti was overcome by emotions, unable to speak much whenever she saw how well Atul treated her mother. In fact, he had even tried to ask her maa also to move in with them; since Atul didn’t have parents, her maa could come live with them and be his maa too. But, her mother had been vehemently opposing this idea and would not entertain any topics even remotely connected with all three of them living together.

Unlike the previous days, it had stopped raining and the dawn was clear and sunny. It finally seemed like Gods were listening to Priti’s prayers. Wearing the bright red saree and a few bangles and single gold chain on her neck, Priti looked ravishing and refreshingly different from the other brides who would be decked top to bottom in heavy gold jewellery. Atul and Priti had decided together that they wanted a simple wedding and Atul was dead against Priti’s maa bearing all the expenses of the wedding alone. He was insistent upon sharing the expenses and was also opposed to the idea of dowry and wedding gifts. The only gift he kept on asking, but was not given was Priti’s maa moving in with them.

The guests trickled in one after the other. They came and blessed the new couple and showered all their praises on Priti’s maa for the wonderful conduct of the ceremony. The moment arrived when the mother daughter had to part. The bidai. Priti knew that her mother was strong, but not strong enough to maintain dry eyes during her daughter’s bidai. As the bride and the groom took the blessings of the elders and came to their maa at last, everyone’s eyes welled up. Priti could not afford to see her maa cry, she was after all, her superwoman.

Much to the alarm of everyone standing there, Priti began to tell her maa, “Maa! You lied to me all this while. Your prophecy didn’t come true!”

The shocked mother could not gather what was being told and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Maa, you told me that because I had eaten the freshly scraped coconut from the cherava it would rain on my wedding day. And yet, here I am, sweating because of the sweltering heat.”

The friends and family gathered around could not suppress their laughter as they finally understood the whole thing. Priti’s maa too smiled and kissed her child on her forehead while pulling in Atul too into a warm bearhug.

There is a belief in Kerala that if you eat the first shavings of a freshly broken coconut off what is known as the cherava, it will rain on the day of your wedding.
Cherava : a contraption used to scrape coconuts
My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet P that we've chosen is Prophecy. Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you thought about my story before you hop away :) 

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