The Dream

“See kaki, what I made for the school project.” “What is this dear?” “Teacher told us to draw on the theme of my dream. This is my dream… our own home…with real walls and roofs that will not leak. We will have a garden in front of our home where you can plant roses and … Read more

The Ghost in The Forest

From the corner of his very scared eyes, he saw that a ball of fire was following him, observing his every move. A ghost perhaps.

Vanishing Act

The air was crisp; nothing moved. It seemed like even the trees had stopped breathing. Neither the leaves, nor the clouds showed any signs of being alive. The orange hue emanating from the fire that crackled in front of her reminded her of him. The few weeks they were together, she had never once felt … Read more

The Egg or The Hen

“Etta, what came first, the egg or the hen?” “I don’t know. Go ask daddy. You and your weird questions!” “Daddyyyyy” “Not now Esther. Daddy is busy.” When he saw how his daughter’s face fell, he pulled her into his lap, “What’s it kiddo?” “Daddy, the hen or the egg?” “The egg came into existence … Read more

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, Thank you. Really; thank you for being mine. It seems like nobody other than you is even bothered about me. I really wish at times you could talk back to me too, then I wouldn’t be this lonely. But I am scared to wish hard enough, what if when you too can talk … Read more

The Cart Puller

  Stretching himself as much as possible, in spite of the pain he was in, he struggled to align his spine as perfectly possible against the hard charpoi in tiny aangan of his old house. Inside, he heard his wife squirm as she turned to lie on her other side, the pain she was in … Read more

#AtoZApril 2015 – B

It was easy, her daughter’s life. She had the least amount of worries in the world. She could throw caution to the winds and let her hair open without worrying about what people would say about her or what impression it would create on her friends. But then, wasn’t teenage girls supposed to be complicated? … Read more

A Long Walk Home

“No Joe, please don’t force me. I can’t.”  “But why Marie? C’mon, trust me. I know you can do it. Just try, please? For me?” “I ‘m sorry Joe. You have to understand me here. I cannot do this. Anything else but this. Please? I’ll do whatever you say, except this.”  “Okay I will not force you, … Read more

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