#AtoZApril 2015 – B

It was easy, her daughter’s life. She had the least amount of worries in the world. She could throw caution to the winds and let her hair open without worrying about what people would say about her or what impression it would create on her friends.

But then, wasn’t teenage girls supposed to be complicated? Their lives a constant worry of keeping up with the latest trends, of being popular in school and of ensuring that they socialized enough. Yet why was her daughter so different from the others? Why was this girl reading so much? Why did she have to play with the neighbour’s gurgling baby? Why did she have to buy every time, those rupee bottles of liquid soap to blow bubbles?

If we don’t help him, how will he live? He is trying to work properly and isn’t that better than becoming a robber or a gangster?” She had asked once.

Many times, Bindu felt her own life was far more complicated than her daughter’s. One day when she had been worrying too much over her job, her daughter came and gave her some words of wisdom. “If you don’t like your job, leave it. Only after the realization sinks in you that you do not have a job anymore will it inspire you to find another job, someplace that you can be happy in. Don’t choose misery over happiness Maa.

Her own daughter. Made from the same mould as God made her. Yet so different. Unique.

Bindu was proud of her child at that moment, she knew, this girl who she always thought was living in a bubble of her own creation, this little girl of hers who was happiest playing with puppies and blowing bubbles, was growing up to be a fine young woman. The society would benefit from having a woman like her in their midst, as a mother she had done her duty perfectly. Bindu had given to the society she lived in, the best gift she could ever give –her own daughter- a good person with a good heart.

My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet B that we've chosen is Bubble. Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you thought about my story before you hop away :) 
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24 thoughts on “#AtoZApril 2015 – B”

  1. What a wise teen 🙂 Loved the advice to her mom. Beautiful it was. Though I hope she doesn’t buy everything just for the sake of helping others. She should be wise enough to buy what helps both her and the one she buys from alle? 😀
    Leo’s latest…Blowing BubblesMy Profile

  2. New subscriber from the A to Z challenge and from my sister wHooligan Shilpa.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments you have described in your post. Having a degree already, I thought I was educated and knew a thing or two. Then I had children…and entered one of the most intense education programs available anywhere!
    LuAnn Braley’s latest…#AtoZChallenge – All Gallow’s Eve – BMy Profile

  3. I agree with Aathira. This is exactly what I was saying to my Dad the other day. You should pen a novel. I, for one, will definitely buy it.

    Bindu’s daughter is wise beyond her years. She’s able to “see” people… like in the movie Avatar, you know.


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