Adventures of Little Burpy


For a little frog, Burpy was an overactive kid. His mummy couldn’t ever manage to control him. Neither his mummy’s love nor his father’s high pitched stern croaking could make Burpy sit still for more than 5 minutes. Unlike the other tiny frogs who lived near the lotus lake, Burpy was least interested in learning how to fend for himself and learning to catch flies. If his mother wanted him to eat, she had to feed him. The main thing he spent time doing was digging huge pits. No frog in the colony had even heard about any frog in the whole world who was interested in digging pits, but here was Burpy, set out to create history among their kind. When asked why on earth he was digging these pits, he said he wanted to know what was hidden under all this soil!!

Tired of his constant pit digging, once, mummy frog told him that there were a certain kind of elephants who lived under the earth. They would be very angry and trample Burpy if he even tried to dig a pit near their homes. Mummy frog hoped that this would scare Burpy and he would quit his useless hobby, but to her utter dismay, she understood that her son could not be scared so easily with made up stories.

One afternoon after a heavy meal of the summer mosqitoes, Burpy’s parents were enjoying their siesta when suddenly they heard Burpy’s shouts. A breathless Burpy entered their home and told his parents that they must save him because the elephants were after him. He had gone digging and accidentally digged out the foot of one of the elephants’ and he was certain that they would come for him. His mother comforted Burpy and assured him that no harm would come to him as long as they were around and as long as he listened to them. Burpy promised to do so and remained inside the house whilst his parents went out to look what had scared Burpy so much.

Hopping across places where Burpy usually liked to play, they came across a freshly dug pit and inside it, a huge yam; undoubtedly planted by the humans who had come there some time ago. The parents could not control their laughter when they realized what had happened and decided to withhold the truth from Burpy because finally something had happened which made their child turn a new leaf.

Elephant Foot Yam
Elephant Foot Yam that Burpy saw



My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ2015. The word for the alphabet Y that we've chosen is Yam. Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you thought about 'Adventures of Little Burpy' before you hop away :) 
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