A Long Walk Home

“No Joe, please don’t force me. I can’t.” 

“But why Marie? C’mon, trust me. I know you can do it. Just try, please? For me?”

“I ‘m sorry Joe. You have to understand me here. I cannot do this. Anything else but this. Please? I’ll do whatever you say, except this.” 

“Okay I will not force you, but give me one reason. And a proper one, no excuses please.” 

In the softest possible manner Marie spoke, “What if someone sees us?

Really? That is your reason and I  am supposed to believe that? I  know you more than that my dear Marie. You are hiding something from me. Tell me, please?” His eyes brimmed with kindness.

This was the man she loved, her Joe. Why then was she not telling him the real reason. Why should she hide from him, the only one in the world who would never judge her on the basis of what she said or what colour her soul was.

Joe, what if something happens to us? To you? What if we had an accident? ” her face was devoid of any colour as she spoke these words to her Joe. “I cannot bear to lose you also. You’re the only one left for me in this world.” she finally gathered enough guts to whisper those words, so faintly that even the wind would not have heard it.

Joe had always known that she had lost her parents to a motorbike accident. But that was years ago and Joe was under the impression that it was all behind her. Clearly, that was not the case or she would not have reacted like this just because he had offered her a lift home in his bike. When realization finally dawned upon him, he went into the office to give the keys of his bike to his friend and asked him to please keep it with him for the day.

As Joe walked back to his Marie, he knew that he would have to take it one day at a time. Also, that today was not that day. Today, was the day for a long walk home while munching on groundnuts.


My friend Leo and I  are writing on the same theme for the AtoZ . The word for the alphabet A that we've chosen is Accident. Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you thought about my story before you hop away :) 
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24 thoughts on “A Long Walk Home”

  1. How beautifully you have penned this, Bhavya! So much of love and care between them. With the right person by your side, the journey though grueling as maybe, is definitely worth it.
    Aathira’s latest…A – AddictionMy Profile

  2. Wow, I loved Bhavya’s character. And how fun that you and your friend picked the same thing. Great start to the challenge!

    I couldn’t find an A to Z Badge anywhere on you site (I may have missed it somewhere). If you don’t have one, would you mind posting one somewhere on you sidebar or on your posts to let people know you’re participating. Thanks so much and welcome to A to Z! Awesome start to the challenge.

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy
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