Subject of Right and Left

“You need to be careful when you cross the road. Don’t cross just like that. Who can tell me what are the rules to be followed while crossing the road?” When none of the students were able to answer, Lata teacher picked up the chalk and turned to the black board. The white stripes she … Read more

Adventures of Little Burpy

  For a little frog, Burpy was an overactive kid. His mummy couldn’t ever manage to control him. Neither his mummy’s love nor his father’s high pitched stern croaking could make Burpy sit still for more than 5 minutes. Unlike the other tiny frogs who lived near the lotus lake, Burpy was least interested in … Read more

The Gift

No matter how many tuitions were given, no matter how many schools were changed, Deepak just would not study. His parents, both busy IT professionals, tried the old method of bribing him. Much to their relief, it worked. Gradually his demands became higher as he moved up in classes. An x-box was his latest demand … Read more

Sibling Love

“Ugh! Look what you have done!! You ruined the whole thing. You did this on purpose didn’t you? You knew this was important to me, yet you had to ruin my white shirt! Don’t you have anything else to do?” “Offo bhaiii…. it’s Holi today! Don’t spoil the whole festival day with this stinky attitude.” … Read more

The 7 Letters

“Your turn Vani.” “Mmm okay…. I have to combine my word with any one on the board right maa?” “Yep.. any one on the board.” “And if I keep all seven letters I have on my bench, then I get extra points right?” “That’s right, but your bench needs to be empty… only then you … Read more

Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Continued From Here Brown socks, off white pants, navy blue shirt; a bearded face, eyes that shone and a mop of curly hair met her eyes as Thumbi looked at this man who had come to see her. He might have felt her gaze, for he directly looked into her eyes and held his gaze. … Read more

Thumbi’s Pennukaanal

“Thumbi… are you ready yet? They will be here any minute.” her mother’s anxiety could not be contained. From the moment the guy’s parents had confirmed the date of the ‘pennu kaanal’ or the girl seeing ceremony, she had not slept properly. “Amma, are you going to call me Thumbi even when they are here?” … Read more

Dear Son

I wake up, perspiring. The clock is ticking and I know I don’t have much time. The sun is setting and the shadows are growing longer. The darkness does nothing to calm me, I know it is just a dream that shook me up so; but lately my reality is becoming more horrific than my … Read more

Where Is It?

“I can’t find it mummy! Where did you keep it?” “How will I know. Try to remember where you kept it. “ “Oh c’mon mom… please… I know that you know… I don’t have time for this now!! Please… my bus will be here soooonnn” “I am scared to go search in your room. There … Read more

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