The Birthday Letter

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Happy Birthday Darling!!!!

 So you finally managed to find my letter!! Did the clues help you enough? Or did you break a sweat in spite of all my clues?

 Do you still sweat as much as I do? Or has your body begun to behave better? I still hope you do laugh like I do. I don’t want you to be like Mariya aunty….all serious and grouchy. You know she was a lot like us when she was amma’s classmate… we saw her photos once while going through the old albums. You do remember those, don’t you?

 This was mom’s idea, to write a letter to myself…to read after 10 years. Today I’m 17… and you’re 27. Happy Birthday to us 🙂 I hope you’re proud of yourself for making it so far… You know I am… I’ll always be cheering for you no matter what. It is not a selfish thing, but because I know that you’re stupid enough to forget how special you are.

 I hope you remember how you used to clown around whenever anyone was sad around you…. you had the amazing ability to make them laugh and forget their worries. I hope there’s someone like that in your life now. If not, don’t you worry. I’ll be there as long as you’re around.

 We laugh at the silliest things… the smallest of things make us happy…. I wish to God that you’ve not ‘grown up’.

Do you still blush when someone tells you how pretty you are? Do you still love the rain, as much as I do? Oh I hope that you still read and that you continue to be amazed at the littlest surprises life gives you.

Are you happy? I hope you are. If not, take my hand, let’s go search for it. You’re too precious to live life being sad. Have you adopted a puppy yet? No?? I knew it. That’s the reason you’re not as happy as I want you to be.

 I know it’s not my place to dole out advice to you, but still, listen to me. Be on the outside what you’re inside…that’s the prettiest you there ever can be. Don’t be afraid of people, places or situations. You know you’re awesome just the way you are. And whatever happens, please…please don’t grow up.


Love and prayers,


A younger you 😛




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9 thoughts on “The Birthday Letter”

  1. Bhavya,

    This is a beautiful piece. I like the concept and way you executed it. I wish to write a letter like this to me.

    By the way, I usually say to my friends that I’m always 19 (for so many years now :P)

    All the best!

    Someone is Special
    Someone is Special’s latest…Start A New LifeMy Profile

  2. Bhavya,
    With the opening paragraph, I assumed it is a letter to your daughter at certain age. But then you unfolded in the second and revealed in third. I am amused, the intention of letter is so innocent like agelessness caught in midst of time.
    When I read my journals from 2011, I feel really silly. And the making someone smile is such a kind gesture.
    Good luck for BAT =)

  3. Wonderfully written! Can identify.
    Much needed advice & such sweet questions from the younger se lf to the older self 🙂
    Best wishes for BAT 🙂


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